caffe dei piccoli produttori




PHILOSOPHY: The coffee is more than something to drink, is a link to the whole world. We believe in the quality of the coffee and we want to offer to our customers different qualities of special coffees they can clearly distinguish in a cup. We are strongly passionate about coffee and we want to share not only that but also the faces of the people give us the chance to drink this beverage. We believe, if we want to drink a superior quality coffee, we need to develop strong relationship and friendships with the farmers in the long period, to share the resolutions, to visit the plantations and/or to have a reliable person on place to discuss and to rejoice for successes TOGETHER: Everybody grow in this relationship!

PRE-FINANCING: To grow and to produce an high quality coffee is expensive: we know the costs to follow the growing of the plants and their right development are not common for the farmers. For this reason, we discuss the price directly with the farmers, in order to give them the right price for their work and we pre-finance their work before the harvest, separately from the price of the Stock Exchange.

ENVIRONMENT: The farmer is conscious of the importance of a good practice in the safeguard of the land in which he lives so they receive instructions to use right agricultural practices, especially in the use of natural fertilizers.

QUALITY: The quality is guaranteed by the long and great work made on place from the farmers; the attention is primarily on the plant and on their growth, then in the selection of the cherries. Once the harvest is completed, each lot of coffee is followed in the drying processes, which occurs by the sun light directly on place. In every phase of the process, there is manual selection in order to give the best quality in the bag the farmers will ship to us.

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